Waukesha Service Club

Organized June 1930

Gift Shop

We know it is difficult at this time to come to the hospital to see your loved ones and friends. The staff at the hospital may not have time to get down to the Gift Shop. Please call us at 262-928-2301 if you would like to order from our gift shop and one of our volunteers will be more than happy to put it in pretty packaging and have it delivered within the hospital. We ask for your patience as we will have to call you back after we have verified with hospital staff we are able to deliver to that part of the hospital. Our hours are Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM. We accept Mastercard and VISA.

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Prior to 1958, the Waukesha Service Club volunteers would push a Cart around the Municipal Hospital – now known as Waukesha Memorial Hospital, for employees, visitors, and patients to purchase magazines, paperback books, greeting cards, stationery, toys, baby gifts, cosmetics and toiletries, candy, costume jewelry, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, games and miscellaneous gift items. By the spring of 1958, the Service Club signed an agreement with the Hospital Board in order to make the Gift Cart, and later the Gift Shop, a permanent fixture. Profits from the Gift Shop are directed to the ProHealth Foundation.

Customers recognize that our shop is a destination….to shop… to browse….to celebrate…to escape.  We have purposely worked to create branding for our shop at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.  It includes not only the boutique merchandise chosen by our buyers, but the way it is displayed provides a cheery, pleasant atmosphere with friendly and helpful volunteers.

Whether you are browsing for a special something for a patient, or are taking time for yourself, we WELCOME you to our shop!  Our buyers work hard to offer a range of quality, unique items sure to please.  Our staff is always eager to assist you. From magazines, greeting cards and gourmet candy;  to women’s apparel, purses and jewelry, decorative and seasonal items, baby gifts, fresh flowers and balloons,  the Gift Shop has what you are looking for. Located near the East Entrance of Waukesha Memorial Hospital, we welcome you to come and visit the Gift Shop.

COVID – 19 safety protocols are implemented to provide a safe and healthy experience in our Gift Shop.

  • Masks must be worn by all volunteers and customers.  You will need to provide your own mask.
  • Social distancing must be observed in the Gift Shop at all times
  • There will be a limit of the number of shoppers/volunteers allowed in the Gift Shop at any one time
  • Items on the floor have been arranged for social distancing
  • The dressing room is open and cleaned after each customer

If the City of Waukesha Schools are closed due to the weather, the Gift Shop is also closed.