Dedicated to serving and aiding the sick and the needy,
 and to promoting the civic welfare of the city and county of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Waukesha Service Club was founded in 1930 by Mary Butler who was the wife of Mayor Morgan Butler. She established the organization in 1930 to help relieve the growing poverty in the area due to the Depression.  In the early years, the volunteer duties were to deliver magazines, books, and small incidentals to the patients at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. They made gauze bandages, sewed curtains and hospital gowns, and mended sheets and blankets. In the height of the Depression the members staffed breadlines, distributed food, clothing, cod liver oil, and helped nurses with inoculation clinics. They also organized local doctors to provide eye care and surgeries for needy families, at a reduced fee.  In 1934 the Thrift Shop was started at the hospital to provide clothing to the community.

Over the years, the members of Waukesha Service Club have taken on many projects, large and small.  As a 100% volunteer group, Waukesha Service Club manages and operates two retail businesses.

They are the Waukesha Service Club Gift Shop at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and The Waukesha Service Club Thrift Shop on West Avenue.  Proceeds from the WSC Gift Shop are directed by the members to the ProHealth Care Foundation while the Thrift Shop proceeds are directed to community organizations.

Some of the ProHealth Care Foundation projects we have supported include:

  • Waukesha Community Dental Clinic
  • Waukesha Community Health Center
  • Angels Grace Hospice
  • The Breast Care Center
  • Palliative Care
  • The Healing Garden
  • Prostate Center
  • Concussion Research
  • Inpatient Pediatric Unit
  • Center for Behavioral Health

The Waukesha Service Club is also a major sponsor of the River Walk for Cancer and the Angels Grace Hike for Hospice.


Gifts and Grants
Proceeds from the Thrift Shop and our annual Charity Ball, as well as memorials and donations given to Waukesha Service Club are used to help various community organizations by supporting their programs. Some of the organizations which have benefited from our donations in recent years are:

  • C.A.P.
  • ARCH
  • Caring Place
  • Christmas Clearing Council
  • Donna Lexa Community Arts Center
  • Easter Seals
  • Family Assistance
  • Family Service of Waukesha
  • Food Pantry
  • Healing Hearts of Waukesha
  • Hebron House
  • Hope Center
  • Interfaith Caregiving Network
  • La Casa de Esperanza
  • Lake Country Area Free Clinic
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • NAMI of Waukesha
  • Parent’s Place
  • Phantom Lake Camp
  • Richard’s Place
  • S.V.P.
  • Safe Babies/Healthy Families
  • Joseph’s Medical Clinic
  • Vincent de Paul
  • Stillwater Cancer Support Services
  • Waukesha Food Pantry
  • Waukesha Training Center
  • Waukesha Community Dental Clinic
  • The Women’s Center
  • Your Choice to Live
  • Zachariah’s Acres


  • Would you like to join a great volunteer organization that serves Waukesha County?
  • Would you like the satisfaction of giving back to the community?
  • Would you like to have fun in an organization?
  • Would you like to meet some wonderful new people?

Maybe you already know someone in the Waukesha Service Club!

At both the WSC Thrift Shop and the Gift Shop at Waukesha Memorial Hospital you can pick up an application.  You can also download the form here.

Once you have completed an application, someone from the membership committee will contact you to meet for coffee and discuss what it takes to be a member of the Waukesha Service Club.

Membership dues are $80.00 per year, with $50.00 of the dues going towards the price of a FunDevelopment event.  The other $30.00 is used for operating expenses.

As a new member you will tour the Thrift Shop and the Gift Shop to gain a general understand of the work that goes on at each shop.  When you are scheduled to work, you will be scheduled to work with more experienced members so you can become familiar with the exact duties of each job.  There are procedure books at both locations to answer questions and to address most situations.

Meetings are held at Waukesha Memorial Hospital the second Monday of September and the first Mondays in October through June unless notified of a date change.  In December, Waukesha Service Club members are guests at a luncheon sponsored by the ProHealth Care Foundation.

Waukesha Service Club hosts a luncheon on a Thursday in June.  There is also the opportunity to join the many committees we have within the club.


The proceeds from your donations goes directly back to the community.  Quality, clean donations are accepted at the Waukesha Service Club Thrift Shop when open for business.  We accept clothing and shoes, toys, craft items, housewares, books and DVD’s, small pieces of furniture, holiday items, pictures, jewelry, purses, and many other items.


For any and all information requests, please email:  waukeshaserviceclub1930@gmail.com

You may send all correspondence to:

Waukesha Service Club
1444 S. West Avenue
Waukesha, WI  53188